Personal Protection Orders in Kent County

Kent County has the fourth highest population of any county in Michigan with 602,622 residents.  It is predominantly white with a poverty rate of 14.3% and a median household income of $49,532 (per the 2010 census )

According to the most recent Michigan Incident Crime Reporting statistics (2011), Kent county had the fifth most incidents of domestic violence in the state at 4,075. This means there was approximately one incident for every 148 residents.

If you live in Kent county and are considering filing a Personal Protection Order, a free consultation with our  experienced team of attorneys will help you determine the protections you need and advocate for your safety in court. Contact us today at (248) 290-0655 or contact us online.

If you need to defend yourself from a Personal Protection Order, you have no time to lose.  14 days after being served you may lose the right to have the order terminated.  We can help you understand your options and develop a legal strategy to protect your rights. Call us today at 248-290-0655 or contact us online.

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